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Romantic relationship on trial

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Human beings are created not for isolation, but for relations. There is a heavy burden of corona virus on relationships.

Let’s face it, love is the opposite of hygiene. When we are in love, we find the need to express affection by touching, hugging, kissing, sharing household items like utensils and even to some, toothbrushes. Doing this at this period puts our health in jeopardy.

For young adults, our romanticized notions of love dictate that we have to be together almost all times. In this period, self quarantine requires that we give each other some space to avoid the transmission and spread of the deadly virus. We need to make sacrifices and come up with new ways of expressing our feelings. It is important we disclose to our partners whenever we start experiencing symptoms because sharing is caring.

Cognitively, young people struggle with comparative optimism where they believe that bad things cannot happen to them, they can only happen to others. In this case, “ I cannot contract the virus, it can only be contracted by others.” In this irrational thinking, we tend to be careless in how we operate e.g. No hygiene, no face masks and no social distancing. We are “immortal”

When living together, we need to give each other space. Space for working on our individual projects and personal space. Don’t evade your partners space in the name of love. We all have an innate desire and need for space. Sharing chores and responsibilities will also go a long way in help ing our relationships grow. One person does not have to do the entire work in the house. Devise effective ways of communicating and solving conflicts.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. To the couples who do not live together, we are fortunate enough because we live at a time when technology is well advanced. We can use our devices to communicate and express our feelings. Voice calls, video calls, texts will keep us going. On a positive note, this period will help us know whether our relationships can survive the distance.

Writer: Seth kariuki

Counsellor psychologist

[email protected]

Source: opera.com
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