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Ways To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Gracemwangola 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There has been an increase in cases of teenage pregnancy across the countries during this lockdown period . How can we help resolve this issue?.

Having Open Sex Discussions

It does sound obvious,but most of all it is good to emphasize the facts about sex and abstaining to the teens for them to be able to make important choices about their bodies and their future.Teenagers should feel comfortable to come to us parents,senior citizens,religious leaders and teachers when they think or feel they are about to become sexually active.

  Layout The Consequences 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It may sound harsh, but parents should be frank with their daughters and explain that if they get pregnant and have a baby they should not expect their mums to step up and take the responsibilities.We should make it a point to explain to teenagers the realities of living life as a teen mother.They should realize that babies are not just cool accessories.Explain the grief,hardships,risks,loneliness so that they don't go through that.

 We Should Not Make Sex a Taboo

Sex needs to be discussed openly.The worst thing a parent can do is refuse to discuss sex with her daughter.Talking regularly, providing neccesary information on safety measures about sex will help alot in reducing teenage pregnancy within our society.

 Encourage Abstaining And Self Respect

Abstaining from sex should be promoted as the best choice.The youth should also follow religious teachings on the importance of abstaining and it should be emphasized how it is God's plan that they wait until marriage.Parents should also inspire their daughters to care about themselves both emotionally and physically.Always teach and remind your daughter to say "No" to any advances they may get from boys or men during their young age.

 Get The Whole Community Involved

Supermarkets,local beauty shops,barbershops,public transporters and churches should get involved in spreading the word about safe sex and abstaining.This will help in sending the same messages to the teenagers.Lastly we should encourage mentoring of younger peers since not every adult in the community is talking about the issue of sexuality at their home.Hearing and learning about safe sex and abstaining from peers is more impactful than hearing it from adults.My hope and wish is that we can learn one or two things from here and practice it.

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