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Angered Kenyans responds to Mutahi Kagwe’s remarks to re-open the country.

officialGachoki 06/28/2020

According to the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Health Mutahi Kagwe, the increase in the number of new cases in areas that were re-opened was as a result of lack of enough facilities to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. In his statement, the CS advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to take precautions before re-opening the economy. He said that proper methods of preventing the spread of the virus should take place before he comes into a conclusion to re-open the counties. The economy of Kenya has slowly been collapsing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. On March 27, President Kenyatta said that it was the mandate of the National Security to protect its citizen, thus he introduced curfew from 7 pm-5 am. President Kenyatta urged the citizens to follow government directives or else he would be forced to introduce a total lockdown in the Country. He had restricted a cessation movement in Nairobi Metropolitan areas, Mombasa, Kilifi, Mandera, and Kwale areas. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Kenyans got enraged by Kagwe’s proposal to President Kenyatta of not opening the country. Someone by the name Harun Musafi uttered, “Mutahi Kagwe you are paid so stop punishing your fellow Kenyans, we are going to live with this disease, we need to work, pay our bills, continue with education, and move on with despite challenges we are facing, you not fair.” Another twitter user said that Mutahi should know many Kenyans lost their jobs due to the corona pandemic and are struggling to earn a living while he is there enjoying 4 million per month for tea and snacks while landlords have not received their rent. On June 6, 2020, Kenyatta extended the cessation movement for 30 more days. Many Kenyans are anxious to hear whether President Uhuru will open the country on July 6, 2020. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In a meeting with County Governors, President Kenyatta urged them to lead their counties on favorable measures to curb the spread of the economy when he re-opens the economy. In a leaked video, President Kenyatta had an online meeting with Corporate Council on Africa Leaders Forum, where he revealed his plans to re-open the inter-county lockdown. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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PhilipMasika_01 · 06/30/2020
Kangwe hajatosha pesa ya corona hadi sasa? people are tired of this corona thing , president should not listen to them should proceed to open the country on 6th July
GUEST_6j6oR2zr9 · 06/29/2020
plz Kuna wenye wanafanya kazi ya kulipwa jioni na mmewafungia kumbukeni wenzenu ukishiba unasahau wenzako
+254-76860**** · 06/29/2020
see this man with no English name SSA ww unafkiria wa2 wameshiba ka ww cheki wa2 wko njaa Hamna doh watoto wa shle pia washanza kuoleka ni nin huelewi apo

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