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Why Closure Of Churches Is The Main Cause Of Teenage Pregnancies In The Country

GregoryMatumbayi 06/28/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala as he spoke to the Opera News Hub in Nairobi. Photo By Gregory Matumbayi.

In the last two weeks the country has been subjected to come to terms with the alarming numbers of teenage pregnancies most of them owed to the closure of schools hence the teenagers who are school goers got more free time to indulge in irresponsible sexual activities that led to thousands of them getting pregnant.

Everybody you talk to is quick to blame everything on the lengthy closure of the schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but here is a leader whose opinion seems totally different from the rest of Kenyans.

Lurambi member of parliament Bishop Titus Khamala believes that the closure of churches and other religious gatherings is the main cause of the eroded society that has seen tens of thousands of girls slip into early pregnancies and premature parentage.

Speaking to Opera News Hub, the MP noted that more efforts have been put towards economic challenges as compared to the social impact in the society that has been adversely affected negatively.

"Churches and other religious places are the best at instilling morals in people especially children when they undertake Sunday school classes and Madrassa hence by closing churches for over 100 days has contributed a great deal to the rising teenage pregnancies that we are witnessing in the country," said Khamala.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The MP explaining a point during the interview.

He added that for the last 100 days since corona virus was reported in the country leading to closure of churches, schools and other major sectors of the economy, the crime rate has gone up, teenage pregnancies and drug abuse and therefore we should put in mind that after Covid-19 we are going to witness many school going children especially girls because of the pregnancies among other criminal or immoral acts.

The MP now urges President Uhuru Kenyatta to open up churches as early as next month so that the children can be taught the morals once again at the churches and mosques before they return to school from September as the president had hinted in his speech about a month ago.

"I want to call upon our president to consider opening churches as soon as possible so that the churches and mosques can have humble time to teach the children the morals that they have lost during the Covid-19 pandemic so that by the time they are going back to school lest we shall be sending back people who have completely lost track," the legislator said.

Khamala cited an incident in Kakamega town where over one thousand school children meet very morning at 4am in pretext of going for physical training yet they use the time to indulge in sexual activities that contribute greatly to the surge in numbers of early pregnancies.

"This Corona virus has just made us realize that our children are more safe in the hands of teachers than in the hands of their parents for instance in Kakamega where I stay there are always over 1000 teenagers waking up early in the morning from 4am to go for physical training and I just wonder how a parent can allow a child especially a girl leave home at 4am claiming to be going for physical practice," the MP added.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The MP as he spoke in Nairobi.

He noted an incident where one of the girls left home at that time until he saw the girl enter a boy's house instead of thye training field and after a long while they came out of the house and poured water on their bodies so that when the girl goes back home she can prove that she was in the training and had sweated a lot.

Source: opera.com
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