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Maria Series:Trevor is Innocent

Vonviconchieku 06/25/2020

The episode starts as Maria meets all her ghetto crew to update them on what Luwi told them. He starts by telling them that Trevor is at Luwi's home, Luwi has just told her that. Everybody remains shocked asking how and yet Hausa family have been looking for Trevor. But Maria tells the that she can't tell how. But Silas tells them that maybe he is innocent that's y because he has been wanted for long and how comes he is out and at Hausa family. But they all say its upon the authorities and they know why, but Fari and Pupa are talking between themselves saying that they would behave been arrested. They all go into Maria's house happy knowing everything is now settled and they will never harassed again.

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After Silas meeting his friends the likes of pupa and Fari, he decides to go back to his house. While passing to her room he founds her mother relaxing on the chair, her mother tells him please come here. Thats when she starts to ask him why did he tell maria that maggie is pregnant? Silas tries to explain to her mother but Rufinah can't listen to him. She starts telling him that you have decided not to listen to your mother and now you only want to listen to Maria. Silas can't utter any word to her as her mother is angry with him. He walks away leaving her mother in the house.

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