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Is Ngong forest an altar of sacrifice?

Ochiengleon 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Kenya has several forested areas. These areas are of great significance to its climatic conditions. This is the reason why the government has gazetted the forested areas for conservation. However, this one forest is really to be if more harm than good to the country, ngong forest. It has claimed many Kenyan lives that anyone can think that it has an altar of sacrifice.

Let's look at a brief case study and see whether this claim can be proved or not.

In 1975, Hon. Josiah M. Kariuki's body was found decaying in Ngong forest. In the year 1978, Bruce McKenzie died in Ngong forest in a plain crush as he was flying back to Uganda. In 1990, Hon. Robert Ouko died. Though in his house, history of his death has it that some of the body parts were found in Ngong forest.

In 2012, Hon. Professor George Saitoti and Hon. Orwa Ojode died in Ngong forest in a plain crush as they were on their way a fundraiser in Ndhiwa. Recently, this year, 2020 in the month of June, a plain crushed at the very Ngong forest claiming lives of innocent Kenyans.

The question is.. why just Ngong forest?

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