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Blow To Kirinyaga County Assembly as Governor Ann Mumbi Waiguru Found Not Guilty

PersonofInterest 06/26/2020

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Governor Ann Waiguru has been accused by the county assembly for abuse of office and violating the constitution which prompted the county assembly led by Mutira MCA David Kinyua Wangui to table a motion for her impeachment which eventually went through amidst chaos.

A 11 member committee was formed chaired by Sen Cleophas Malala, tasked to grill the matter and come UP with a recommendation as to whether she is guilty or not, the entire process divided the senate to the usual TangaTanga and Kieleweke factions just like Gov. Waititus case.

Politicians allied to Deputy President expressed their frustrations citing that she has been sanitised by capital hill bleach and that she will walk free, but the truth of the matter is that this was purely to control the narrative and paint the process in a bad light in order to sway public opinion to advance their agenda of recently formed Jubilee Asili.

Reasons why Kirinyaga county assembly will loose the case at the senate committee.

  1. The manner at which the impeachment motion was passed was chaotic
  2. Their legal representation was a one man show rather than a team of legal minds
  3. The county assembly witnesses were more of grudge bearing individuals rather than meaningful witness bearing valid information
  4. The county assembly failed to link the governor to the allegations which led to her impeachment
  5. The county assembly was a bit disorganised and not ready to defend their position

In the eyes of the public Waiguru's impeachment was more political than abuse of office, but the case will be lost on merits and failure of the county assembly to link their allegations to the accused, as we can tell from the proceedings she was not adversely mentioned.

Lets wait and see for the true verdict, shall we?

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Top Comments
SimonMathenge_01 · 06/26/2020
she's a thug but obviously her relationships and not honestly have played a role
ChriskKim · 06/26/2020
Sanitizatiom cannot be corrupt. Baba has done what is suppose to be done but God is not asleep.
KimalelKco · 06/26/2020
GUEST_wblgEo1ZO · 06/26/2020
The Senate has done a very good job by sanitising and clearing up Waiguru. The people of Kirinyaga were forewarned by Kenyans not to vote for the NYS scandal leader but they adamantly refused to listen. What has become of their thief? Furahieni matunda ya utukutu wenu. Mtoto akililia wembe, mpe tu.

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