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Before Satan Destroys Any Man, He Separates Him from Godly Counsels

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If Satan wants to destroy you, the first thing he will do is to separate you from anyone who can give you Godly counsels.

Satan knows that in the multitude of counselors, there's safety, which is why he will first remove all your sources of Godly instructions before hitting you hard and knocking you down.

Several examples abound in scriptures of those who fell like Samson when they were alone;

- Eve was alone when Satan got her to eat the deadly fruit;

- David was alone when he saw the woman who was taking her bath and committed adultery with her;

- Peter was alone when he denied Jesus Christ three times;

- Judas too betrayed Jesus after he left the company of the disciples… And so on!

The Bible says, "Woe is unto him (or her) who is alone because when he or she falls, no one is around to help him (or her) up". Ecclesiastes 4:10


Now let me instruct you;

Don't pick up quarrels with your parents, you need them; don’t play into Satan’s hand. Don’t say that your parents are now 'old school'; no matter how 'old school' they are; they are still wiser than you.

You can have more new clothes than your parents but you can not have as much rags as they have.


Don't pick up quarrels with your siblings, you need them; yield not to the temptation.

They may be overbearing and disturbing but a time is coming when they will save you from troubles like the cousin of Apostle Paul saved him from assassination in Acts 23:12-22.

Proverbs 17:17 says “…a brother (and sister) is born for a time of adversity”. They are there to help you during your troubles.


Don't separate from your church leaders who are godly people, you need them; separating from them is like scoring a goal for your opponent.


Don't pick up quarrels with your godly friends, none can compare with them.

The Bible says in Proverbs 17:17 that “A friend loveth at all times...”


Don't obey the voice of Satan by fighting with godly people in your life. They are God's gift for you to keep you focused and to prevent you from self-destruction.

Remember, if Satan wants to destroy a child of God, the first thing he will do is to separate him or her from anyone who could give godly counsels or instructions.

This is the mistake of so many children of God; don't be another victim.

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CeleMAmalemba · 07/4/2020
very true
You..BETTER..RECOGNIZE · 07/1/2020
that s right
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