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Stop Forcing Love On Me. A Warning From Diamond To All Ladies Who Force Love On Him

veronica2020 06/28/2020

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Diamond Platnumz popularly known as Father Abraham has again become in the headlines. The Amoboko singer is claimed to have other two baby mama as rumours has it.

A few days that have passed Diamond has been rumoured to have sired another baby with Husna Mohammed and gotten another curvaceous Tanzanian Poshy Queen.

This scandal came a few days after Husna posted a photo of Diamond wishing him happy father's day. Husna has been posting Diamond's photos on social media. But when she was asked she said she just loves Diamond and what he does and on the other hand said that she will unveil her daughter's father when the time is right.

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But Diamond is not happy with it anymore. It is like women are using his name to become famous which is not fair to him at all. He took to social media and said that it was not fair the way women claim to have an affair with him. He said he has never met the women in person.

Diamond took to instagram story to sound a warning to all women who use his name on such allegation,but on the other side appreciated the love he gets from ladies. Husna who had put Diamond on her profile picture after seeing Diamond 's warning immediately removed the photo.

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Source: opera.com
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