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People react to Osama bin laden's cut-out image on leeds stadium.

J-star 06/24/2020

Osama bin Laden' who was Killed by the United States first black president Barack Obama back in 2011 is allegedly the latest surprise spectator to turn up in a 'crowd' during the Covid-19 pandemic, with Leeds United forced to remove a cut out of the former Muslim al-Qaeda leader. 

The Championship side hit a by a surprise on 24th June Wednesday, when it was noticed that Bin Laden was sat amongst the rest of the more regular fans.

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However the club have since removed the cutout and will make sure that no other offensive images are being used.There have been other surprise guests and visits to the premiere league before and other major leagues in the world by people who were never expected but this one is a great shocker to the entire world. It is not yet unknown whether who planted the cardboard cut-out. 

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The English club said in a tweet that it has dealt with it & say checks are in place to prevent offensive images being put in the crowd in the future and even as the games are on progress. It still not known also whether who was paid or whether the Bin Laden followers could have placed the cut-out board in the stadium. It had been also reported before that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in more than one times just before his 2011 death announcement and it may shock the world if the Al-Qaeda leader may yet be leaving. 

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Osama bin Laden was thought to have been an Arsenal fan and it sounds funny what he might be doing in the Leeds crowd. The cut-off image at the leeds stadium of the former Saudi Arabian rebel has yet again recalled the world's memories of him. 

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