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DP William Ruto Does the Unthinkable and Wins the Hearts of many Youths

Abusenior 06/25/2020

Deputy President, His Excellency William Ruto has set the internet a blaze in a viral live video (happening now) through a link ill share at the bottom of this article, in his today's mission of inspiring the youths.

William Ruto has spent a better time of his day issuing youths with pressure car cleaners and tanks. 

What caught the attention of many is when William Ruto sat in a "low class" shed in the same field to have his shoes polished. Interestingly, his Excellency allowed the youth to use bare fingers to scoop the shoe cream and smear it on his shoes, after brushing them using a brush. The DP is seen relaxed and enjoying a light talk with the cobra as he gets attended to.

The DP, who is currently working wonders despite being "attacked" by almost all political bigwigs. If elections were to be held today, its undoubtedly sure that the prince from Sugoi would win with a landslide. In the recent online polls conducted by kenyans on social pages, William Ruto is still a political bae to many.

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In his latest move, President Uhuru Kenyatta has to take charge of the region’s politics after he recently authorised the immediate completion of all stalled projects in the region in what could change the political fortunes of his deputy William Ruto in the region.

Deputy President, William Ruto has made political inroads in various parts of the country by opening projects, or inspecting progress and taking part in numerous harambees, so much that it earned him the moniker ‘Tangatanga’.

However, with these projects route blocked by president Uhuru, William Ruto will need to come up with innovative ways of selling his agenda in the run-up to 2022.

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Whats your opinion? I think Rutos fame is far much advanced to be brought down by any political formations.

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