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Factors to consider before marriage to avoid shame and disgrace

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Marriage is part of life and it is assumed that everyone must marry. This is according to what God instituted on creation. However, despite this, some men and ladies have remained to be single. A large portion of single persons is taken by ladies. This is because men consider certain factors before marrying these ladies. Let's have a look at factors considered.

The factor to be considered number one is character. Men only marry ladies with good character. By this, we refer to a lady who is able to ensure that the man is always happy. A lady with good character refers to a lady who knows how to talk in a way that she really minds her language. A good character lady will respect her in-laws fully. Men go for such ladies because they can stay for long.

Beauty and appearance is another factor. Men only admire ladies who are publically acceptable and presentable. This is because there are certain public functions that the couple has to attend. A man won't stand the shame of appearing before the public with a lady that will fail him. This has led to forces of natural selection this some remain in their mother's homes.

Intelligence is another factor considered. All men always have a taste for intelligent ladies. This is considered so that they can give them bright babies.

There are several other factors like hardworking. Men like ladies who love work so that everyone in the family becomes a breadwinner.

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