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Kenyans Get Back at Miguna Miguna After Mocking and Putting His Nose on Raila's Medical Issues

kibengo 06/25/2020

Many Kenyans know Miguna Miguna as not long ago he was allover news being held not to come to Kenya anymore. But he kept insisting he belongs to Kenya no matter what. He is an advocate in the Kenya High Court and also be was the senior advisor of the former Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga.

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Miguna is a man of many words and whatever he says may or may not be true but of late he has been in the issue of Raila Odinga been taken outside country for his medication. He has said and mocked him as a 'conman' according to his twitter page news.

His words to Raila has made many Kenyans to get back at him and to leave alone, Raila as no one is even interested in him(miguna).

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" To conman @Raila Odinga and Despot Uhuru Kenyatta: Instead, of building modern hospitals and providing millions of Kenyans with universal health care, you have spent more than sh10 billion public money in Partisan, self-servicing and destructive # BBIFraud political in the last 3 years, " miguna wrote.

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Miguna Miguna didn't stop insulting and getting back to Raila and wrote this too.

"Conman @Raila Odinga tried to lie to Kenyans that he had travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend a conference. Anyone who lies about their illness and brain surgery is not fit to speak in public leave occupying public office. @Raila please recover and RETIRE, "Miguna busted Raila.

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