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Facts about the Khayo subtribe of the Luhya community that resides in Busia county

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Khayo is a subtribe of the Luhya people of Kenya who resides in Busia county. The people who form this Luhya subtribe are referred to as the Abakhayo. Their geographical location is Ebukhayo while their language is Olukhayo.The Bakhayo borders the Wanga on the South East, Bukusu on the East, Samia on the West, Marachi on the South and Iteso on the North. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

They have so many clans like; Baguri, Bakhabi, Bamenya, Bakangala Bakhero Baamani among many others. The Bamenya, Baguiri, Bakimo, Bachabe and Bakhero clans were the first ones to arrive in Bukhayo. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Khayo subtribe is named after Were Mukhayo who led the Abakhayo people from from Busoga to Ibanda. The Ebukhayo cover two constituencies of Busia county which are Nambale and Matayos. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Among the community of Abakhayo, many great national leaders have emerged. The most known figures are; Amos Wako the long serving Attorney General, Honorable John Sakwa Bunyasi who served the World Bank in Washington for many years before venturing into politics, Honorable Godfrey Odanga who also served as cabinet minister in the ministries of Energy, Labour and Finance among many prominent figures in Kenya.

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Philip Masinde former mp and minister for labour, Denis Afande, Chris okemo, Alloys Mauda, Peter Kubebea, John okinda, Tado nyabola among others.

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