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6 Signs Of A Fake Friend You Need To Know Before Its Too Late!

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Having friends is really fun as they can make your best and worse periods a lot more enjoyable. That's if you have real friends. Fake friends can even make the best situation quite horrible,in short they can really turn your life into a living hell. These days its really hard to find real friends because everyone seems to be enjoying stabbing others behind their backs. Below are some of the traits exhibited by fake friends.

1.They always disappear when you need them - It's crazy how you choose to be close to your friends when they need you but when the tables turn,they are no where to be seen. Fake friends are usually selfish,they just care about themselves. They would always be busy when you need help.

2.They don't fight for you - They will never back you up during an argument because they fear being disliked by those you are in disagreement with. They will just stand silently as you get roasted alone.

3.They always talk about themselves - During a conversation, their favourite topic is themselves. They won't even ask about how your day was and if they do,it would be towards the end when they have exhausted talking about themselves . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4.They will always judge your mistakes,failures and poor judgement harshly - They would always say 'I told you so'. They rarely console you at all and they would always avoid listening to your problems. They would always want to provide solutions for you to feel superior and also so that you feel indebted to them.

5.They always find you interesting only when they need something from you - They would always look for you when they need monetary contributions or any favours but as soon as that is done,they disappear. They wouldn't bother helping you . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

6.They always put you down - Have you ever had a friend who never seems happy at all when you accomplish something nice?.They would always pretend to be happy or just tell you ' everyone accomplishes this and even more,its normal '. They just hate it when you succeed and they don't even hide it.

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