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Moses Kuria Leaks the BBI Report, Check out the details

AustineJuma 06/24/2020

The Gatundu South law maker on his facebook account leaked details about the Building bridges Initiative.

He alleged,

1.The number of constituencies to remain the same.

2.The number of Nominated members of parliament to increase from 12 to 162 to cater for the densely populated areas.

3. President will be elected directly by the people to be Head of State and take charge of Internal Security, Defence and Foreign Affairs. He will have a Deputy President with roles defined in the constitution 

4. Prime Minister will be elected by members of the parliament. "He will have two deputies" He added.

5. 50% of Ministers will come from parliament and the rest outside parliament unlike now where all cabinet ministers come from outside parliament.  

6. Number two in the presidential election will be the official opposition leader, He or she form a shadow cabinet and will be funded by the national government.

7. Chief Justice will NOT be a member of the Judicial Service Commission

8. Health and Agriculture functions will be taken back to the national government. They will no longer be devolved to the counties.  

9. IEBC Commissioners will be appointee by political parties

10. No more Nairobi county. It will be scrapped off.

11. All monies to counties will be conditional grants from National Government to ensure devolved funds are spent for the intended purposes 

12. Those who are charged in court will not be able to run for public office.

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