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'MP John Waluke Deserves Forgiveness', Judge Praises his Character as she Delivers Harsh Ruling

5thEstate 06/25/2020

It has been a long day in the corridors of justice for Sirisia Member of Parliament, Hon John Waluke.

The legislator who was found guilty of involvement in a Ksh 314 Million maize scandal was being sentenced at the Milimani law courts on Thursday.

After much pleading by his defense team, Magistrate Elizabeth Juma heard the cry of a team of lawyers who wanted her to have mercy on their client who is old, sickly and with no criminal record.

While reading her judgement, the magistrate agreed with the defense team that indeed the legislator deserves forgiveness for he is of good character given that he is a first-time offender.

“Being first timer offenders at their age is commendable and the roles they have played in the society are commendable. On submission on leniency they deserve leniency,” Read Magistrate Elizabeth Juma.

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However, despite applauding the character of Waluke, the judge went ahead to give waluke and his co-accused a tough condition and a harsh penalty.

In her final judgement, magistrate Elizabeth Juma ruled that the Sirisia legislator and his co-accused, Grace Wakhungu should pay a fine of Ksh 594 Million.

Failure to pay this fine will lead to the imprisonment of either party for 7 years.

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Sirisia MP John Waluke in Court; Photo Courtesy

The magistrate said that despite being people of good character for ages, the accused persons committed serious offences.

The two were judged harshly for looting the millions meant for food at a time when Kenyans were facing a risk of starvation.

Magistrate Elizabeth Juma further told the accused persons that they were free to appeal the rulling in the court of appeal within a period of 14 days.

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Waluke's co-accused, Grace Wakhungu; Photo Courtesy

John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu were arrested and remanded at the Kilimani Police Station on 22nd June after they were found guilty of the corruption offence.

According to anti-corruption Magistrate Elizabeth Juma, the accused persons forged invoices to demand payment for storage fee money for the maize.

The two were involved in this corruption scandal on February 24, 2009 when they were directors at a company named Erad.  

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Top Comments
yorubaa · 06/25/2020
waluhiya na ugali nao!
carolynpotucek · 06/27/2020
did he forgive the public coffers he stole from? let him rot in jail
PhilipArapTamartaTikirei · 06/28/2020
I advise the family to create paybill no for friends of good will assist the legislator
+254-72233**** · 06/26/2020
It's good to forgive and we have forgiven them but they bear the consequences of their actions. It's too sad when you are entrusted as a good steward and you take advantage of that position to steal from the people you are supposed to be mindful off. So how do we stop such actions honestly???? I truly feel for them and I believe the magistrate who was sentencing them but this has to stop.

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