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"Coronation" of Kings of Impunity happens at Parliament as Covid 19 Treats Mps Abnormally.

Jubalander 06/29/2020

Pleas from the president of the republic of Kenya landed safely in the homesteads of many Kenyans and were taken seriously by most Kenyans. However, the untouchable members of parliament shut their ears and could not hear from the head of state who kept reminding Kenyans that the disease did not know color, religion, tribe or political positions one hold.

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Many Kenyans have been staying home and sanitizing while keeping social distancing measures in order to avoid contracting the disease or spreading it, incase they contracted it unknowingly. When in public places most Kenyans have been wearing face masks in order to combat this disease.

If treat this disease normally, then it will treat us abnormally, these words from the cabinet secretary in charge health ministry seem to be true with the stubborn members of parliament who cannot afford to abide by the directions given by the government and not even those from the world health organization.

The kings of impunity and disorder have finally met their match and some are now hospitalized while others are in quarantine as they have succeeded in making a way for the virus to get into the parliament chambers. I guess that's what they were waiting to see happen.

These kings of impunity in the name of members of Kenyan parliament have been busy politicking by holding rallies camouflaged as mask and sanitizer distribution drives. During these rallies these political elite have been seen disregarding most of the laid down health protocols as they have been seen without face masks and some failing to maintain social distance as required by the government.

Political meetings have not missed as these stubborn members of the society have convened illegal political meetings to keep playing politics in the wake of coronavirus. Some of these meetings have however turned out to be dramatic as some of the Mp's have ended up being teargassed by the police in order to implement the health protocols.

These members of parliament have become anonymous as they cannot imagine the public knowing their identities with the fear of online backlash from the netizens who have been seeing them break laid down laws to control the spread of the coronavirus or prevent contracting it from other people.

They must have learned the lesson the hard way and that is what they deserve as have chosen not to listen from authority or the ministry of health. Contact tracing takes course afterwards in order to identify those involved within the parliament in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

Source: opera.com
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