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Best TBT: Singer Akothee Light Up Internet With Charming Throwback Photo Screaming Young Love

C.M.M 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Contraversial Kenyan Lady singer, Akothe shares a stunning throwback photo of her and her first love. This has takes us back to digging into her fresh years of love that was screaming the air during her days. She shared the photo on her Instagram page, with her then lovebird and the two seemed to be happy and enjoying every moment together.

Today she seemed to have questions lingering her mind and heart of what made the love to end. The guy who goes by the name of Jared, shows that Akothe had a good taste of men, because he is striking handsome without measure.

Well Akothe is one amazing lady of her own kind and brand going to the extent of appreciating Jared, the guy in the picture and wishing him and his family blessings. I know few or none can dare do that, especially ladies, Akothe is just one genuine lady.

" I have advanced God bless you and your family Jakamagambo sani Afwera proper Jogi Kiaya." This was her words to the man.

This picture is a proof that, "watu wametoka far" because if you compare the Akothe in that pic and the Akothe now, they are two different people. In the photo she is wearing decently, to the extend of having a short hair. It's true, pesa sabuni ya roho, the rich Akothe is so different in beauty and also in the clothes she wears, a time before the tailors ran away with the fabrics.

But Akothee is one funny human being I know of. She is the love of many Netizens because of her craziness and straightforward attitude. She is one of the person who can make your day. Best TBT.

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