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Sad: Vanessa Mdee Quits Her Music Career

RachaelNabai 06/25/2020

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Vanessa Mdee is a Tanzanian Singer, Songwriter, rapper, youth activist , television personality and a radio host.

Vanessa is married to Nigerian American Hollywood Actor Olu Rotimi Akinosho alias Andre from the Series "Power".

Vanessa Mdee once uploaded a video on her YouTube channel claiming that the Music Industry is demonic and that she was losing herself.

Last year the Tanzanian based Musician fell into depression and became an alcoholic. She even opened up that she is forced to get drunk for her to sleep.

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Vanessa's followers however think Rotimi is influencing her. According to her Instagram followers Rotimi is the Kind of men that want a lady to be in the house and not work, not with the intentions of making her a wife but cause he can freely replace her with other women with any red flags.

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Christina Rogers who happens to be Rotimi's ex shared the same type of love. The lady left all her businesses only to go back home to start from scratch when they quit things.

According to her followers Rotimi is not as sweet as he makes it seem cause the guy has anger issues . Sources reveal that he was violent with Christina Rogers when she was pregnant.

Netizens are claiming that the beautiful girl is making wrong business move. Vee is not only talented but has an appeal. Her Music is timeless.

There is something people choose to forget, building a brand that gets accepted requires work, rebranding is twice as hard.

Before the Novel Corona landed Vanessa Mdee uploaded a video on her YouTube channel explaining her absence. She claimed since she started Music, she has never taken a break and she decided to take a break for herself.

If Music was causing her harm and if she was persuing it at the detriment of her health , then maybe a decision to stay away from it should be supported.

But the question is , is her relationship with Rotimi palatable? It might interest you to recollect that Vanessa's sister , Namtero Mdee left a career on Peak in Media (KTN straight up) to go get married.

Could history be repeating itself? Whatever reasons let's hope she finds true happiness.

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