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Cooking With Vegetables Oils Releases Toxic Cancer Causing Chemicals

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Reseachers warn against the risk of cooking food in sunflower oil and corn oil claiming they release toxic chemicals that cause cancer.Scientists now recommend frying food with coconut oil,olive oil or butter.

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According to John Stein, a professor of neuroscience in Oxford’s emeritus,human brain changes the same way climate changes.

“The human brain is changing in a way that is as serious as climate change threatens to be”.

This is because vegetable oils are rich in omega 6 acids leading to reduction of omega 3 acids which is critical to the body ,he explained.

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“If you eat too much corn oil or sunflower oil, the brain is absorbing too much omega 6, and that effectively forces out omega 3,” said Prof Stein. “I believe the lack of omega 3 is a powerful contributory factor to such problems as increasing mental health issues and other problems such as dyslexia.”

Professor Grootveld, of De Montfort University in Leicester said this after performing various experiments.

“For decades, the authorities have been warning us how bad butter and lard was. But we have found butter is very, very good for frying purposes and so is lard.

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He further explained how corn oil and sunflower oil are toxic to people's health.

“People have been telling us how healthy polyunsaturates are in corn oil and sunflower oil. But when you start messing around with them, subjecting them to high amounts of energy in the frying pan or the oven, they undergo a complex series of chemical reactions which results in the accumulation of large amounts of toxic compounds.”he explained.

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