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Satan's Visit At Night!

Okothjosh 2d

It's elleven past midday and the evening noise is gradually fading out paving way for the silent night. The dogs and crickets are the only creatures heard barking and stridulating respectively.

My eyes were closing uncontrollably and my head was banging from side to side a clear indication that I needed some rest. I put on my pajama and dove into my bed pulling the blanket all over myself.

I tried to convince my brain to shut so as to allow me to fall asleep as quick as possible since the following day I was to attend a to business meeting.

It took like thirty minutes for me to fall asleep when something mysterious happened.

I've never experienced this before and being that it was my first time I took it as a joke. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I was all alone in the room and at that moment my head's weight turned to a 3 bags of cement, the body temperature rose to as high as 40°C to the point of boiling an egg, my heart beat rate was now rapid and breathing became difficult accompanied by vigourous shiverings. The feeling was just inexplicable.

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"Could it be Covid or probably malaria?" I mattered to myself, Nothing was right and I needed to be attended to urgently by a physician, but it wasn't possible since it was curfew time.

I remained calm and encouraged my self to be patient for the dawn. I turned from side to side in the attempt to distract my brain so as fall asleep but that wasn't possible.

I turned on my radio to listen to some Gospel songs to at at least get the devil 😈 away, this helped in a way, my head had a slight relief but the fever still insisted. By this time I could not utter a word, my mouth and the rest of the body had been swallowed by the shivers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

All I was waiting for was for the night to break into dawn,to me it seemed 72 hours longer than usual.

"What long a night!" I cursed, It's 4 in the morning and nothing seems normal to me I felt like my world had come to an abrupt end and that was the certinity that I was gasping my last breath on the planet earth. I pulled out my Bible from my bed's drawer and opened the book of Psalms 118, here are the selected verses;

Psalms 118 5 

 In my distress I called to the Lord;   he answered me and set me free. 

Psalms 118 6 

 The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid;   what can anyone do to me? 

Psalms 118 14 

 The Lord makes me powerful and strong;   he has saved me. 

Psalms 118 15 

 Listen to the glad shouts of victory in the tents of God's people:   “The Lord's mighty power has done it!   

Psalms 118 17 

 I will not die; instead, I will live   and proclaim what the Lord has done. 

The last verse gave me strength and I felt a new nourished strength in my body. The headache went off gradually as the body temperature came to normal, the shiverings stopped immediately as I uttered the words THE LORD HAS DONE.

Indeed the Bible verses helped me at the verge of my demise.

No one not even the very intelligent scientists will ever convince me that God is an illusion, I've felt His presence and seen His mighty hand He hears whenever we call on Him. He is always there for us. Let Him and only Him be praised 🙏.

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