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The Only Place of Worship Where Sermon is led by a Robot

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All over the world, technology have taken course in almost every sector leading to the loss of millions of jobs and it has been speculated that in the near future, human workforce might completely be replaced by machines which are fast and efficient.

Surprisingly, robots might also take charge over places of worship turning priests to usual front pew church goers. Mind boggling right?

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PHOTO: Japanese Buddhist Robot Priest.

As much as many believers don’t want to believe this, a robot priest in a zen temple in japan have been delivering sermons to Buddhism believers since its inception earlier last year. The robot priest was a joint development between the Zen temple and Osaka University at a cost close to $1 million.

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The ‘priest’ have the ability to hold its hands together during prayers and move its head in agreement or disagreement while conducting teachings on the Buddhist deity of mercy and it’s also programmed with teachings on mercy, compassion, ego and dangers associated with anger and desire. 

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Do you think robots can be in a position to replace human priests in places of worship?

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clone · 06/28/2020
no this development is not encouraging

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