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Ladies: Here Are The Little Known Benefits of Marrying a Lawyer

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Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo (left) and his wife Anne Waiguru (right) at the Senate [Photo:Courtesy]

For a woman, marriage is a matter of great importance and she never takes it lightly. A woman must carefully examine and establish the kind of a man she aspires to marry. Christians believe that God only gives you what you want! To some extent, the success of a woman depends on the kind of a man she marries.

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Marrying a lawyer clip art [Photo:Courtesy]

As you contemplate marriage, you probably desire that your future husband should be a physician, an engineer, a teacher or any other professional. For today, we shall discuss the less known benefits of having a husband who is a lawyer. I bet you will appreciate as you read through the article.

An example of a Kenyan woman who married a lawyer is the remarkable Governor Anne Waiguru. Ms Anne married lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, a city lawyer who has been very instrumental in her political career.

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City Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo and his wife Anne Waiguru. Anne is a perfect example of a woman who enjoys the benefits of marrying a lawyer [Photo:Courtesy]

The following are four little known benefits of marrying a lawyer:

a) As the wife of a renowned lawyer, you will always have freedom to do whatever you want, at least most of the times. Your husband will be having tight schedules in meeting clients and discussing their concerns. He will most likely have little or no time to follow up on what you are up to as a woman.

b) Lawyers are endowed with great problem-solving skills.

Now: imagine you are involved in a scandal and you are the one on the wrong. Should you hire a lawyer to represent you in a court of law, it will take a great problem solving mind to relieve you from the mess that you found yourself in. Such is the kind of a mind a lawyer husband will always have.

A husband who is a great problem solver is every woman's desire. Just ensure that as a girl you station yourself appropriately to obtain the man you want.

c) Lawyers are always financially stable.

Have you ever heard of a broke lawyer? Your answer might be yes, but the truth is that it is rare to find a broke lawyer. The nature of their work commands a lot of compensation and renumeration.

No girl wants to marry a broke husband. Lawyers are therefore a source of financial security for the family.

d) The lawyer husband will help your family when it comes to legal affairs

Conflicts are the order of the society. No society, family or people is immune to conflicts. Having a lawyer within the family it's a great milestone when it comes to navigating possible rigorous legal processes. Having a husband who is a lawyer is even better!

If you had been keen in the recent days, then you must have realised that lawyer kamotho waiganjo was at the Senate probably to defend his wife governor Anne Waiguru. Indeed it's a blessing to have a husband who is a lawyer.

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Marriage clip art [Photo:Courtesy]

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