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Maria:You Must Do As I Say

Vonviconchieku 06/25/2020

The episode starts as Tecno decided to go and visit Silas at his place to tell him what happened and why it didn't go as they planned. On arriving at the door before knocking Tecno's phone rings and it was a new number calling. He receives the call and it was Maggie who was calling. Maggie tells him to go immediately to her house, Tecno without hesitating he goes directly to Maggie is house on arriving she finds her relaxing and Maggie starts laughing at her. But Tecno asks her what she did to her, Maggie tells her nothing and that he is the one who that to rape her when he was drunk if it was not for the neighbours he would have raped her. He shows her some pictures where he holds her and where he tore her clothes. Tecno gets shocked but Maggie tells her from now you will do as I tell you or I will report you to the police and all your friends.

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After Been discovered that Lorna used some witchcraft to be in love with her even he went ahead proposing to her. Ben is crazy with Lorna where he wants to kill her telling her you were using witchcraft for me to love you and you knew very well I can't love you. Lorna tells her am sorry Ben and I don't know what happened to me but Ben asks her do you know I can call my grandmother and she will kill you from where she is. as Ben tries to hit her Koros and Thomas holds him and takes him to the house to relax as Lorna is left crying.

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The doctor and Trevor decide to visit Mr.Hausa family for the next session of therapy. They enter into the compound and finds Mejja at the door. The doctor tells Mejja he has come to see Sophia and if he will excuse them in, but Mejja tells them the only person who can enter in is the doctor only for Trevor you have to wait out here. The doctor enters and goes straight to the room, where he founds Luwi and Sophia, Luwi trying to talk to her and keeping her to look happy. The doctor enters and tells Luwi to excuse him. He tells Sophia he can see she is happy and for today we will go to the garden as we talk and share a lot.

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