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Blow to Baby Mamas as Court Makes Landmark Ruling About Child Support

DrArogo 06/24/2020

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When it comes to divorce and child support, the male gender has felt that they have been discriminated for long in favour of their female counterpart. Most men have felt oppressed by being demand to make for child support disepite the fact that both male and female have a role to play as far as raising their child is concerned.

Most couples have been using their children as leverage to exploit their former lovers after separation. This has however affected the male couple more than their female counterpart. This is so common among ladies who ran to courts after divorce to compel the man to make monthly remittance inform of child support wheres they move on with their love live somewhere else.

However following the ruling by a High Court by Lady Justice Abida Ali Aroni this will no longer be the case. Following her ruling, the High Court judge said that divorced couples have an equal responsibility in raising their children.

Justice Abida Ali Aroni ruled that their is neither inferior nor superior parent as far as raising children is concerned. She stated this while delivering a judgement in an appeal that was made by an aggrieved man.

This ruling is going to set a new look on how couples will be handling divorces and when dealing with supporting of their child is concerned. This landmark ruling is seen as a blow to Baby Mamas who would trap a man with a child so as to benefit financially by demanding for child support.

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"Where a child’s father and mother were married to each other at the time of his birth, they shall have parental responsibility for the child and neither the father nor the mother of the child shall have a superior right or claim against the other in exercise of such parental responsibility," the legal clause states.

Parsuant to her ruling, the couples will now henceforth have an equal and joint responsibility when raising the child is concerned when the couples part ways.

What are your thoughts concerning this landmark ruling?

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Top Comments
+254-70033**** · 06/25/2020
I believe u this judge deserves a medal. she's a lady n yet ruled this??? That explains people should make rational decisions n not based on Bias, hate, greed n envy. because these four aspects are the ones destroying humanity!!!
CarolKaberia_01 · 06/25/2020
Good ruling, now women who always have intentions of using as cash cow should love for real or leave the boy child alone.
GeorgeAtancha · 06/25/2020
divorce cases shall be minimal henceforth
GUEST_AEgpByOW6 · 06/25/2020
Progressive ruling by a competent judicial officer

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