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Susan Kihika under fire over her bill that Supports Abortion

denniswebala 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Susan Kihika's bill that supports abortion has attracted several criticism, with a section of Kenyans terming it as murder.

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika is pushing for legalisation of abortion through the Reproductive Health Care Bill.

Naibei: "Susan Kihika want women to procure an abortion when they feel like they don't want to continue with the pregnancy, If her mother had such option would she be in the senate or alive?"

Jacinta Yvonne: "Why should a woman advocate for abortion? Even in the Holy Books do we have such teachings? Whats driving Susan Kihika on such motives? Life is precious and should be protected, there is nothing like safe abortion, killing is killing."

Peter Kariuki: "What if Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika was aborted?? Abortion is a murder crime. Other senators should make sure that this motion fails because Kenya is guided by values and every life matters. People of Nakuru should send her back to the village come 2022. #StopKihikasAbortionBill"

Sekare: "I won't fight senator Susan kihika but I'll fight her bill..if it was an opposition senator she could have been the first to yell....Where are the Kenyan mothers...Susan kihika is an American sponsored by donors to bring dark americanism to Kenya shindwe #StopKihikasAbortionBill"

Catherine Chepkoech: "Susan Kihika should tell us the whole truth about the origin of the abortion idea. We all know Inua Mama was disbanded after 6 women reps became pregnant with Ruto's babies. #StopKihikasAbortionBill"

Source: opera.com
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