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Photo of Malawi's New 'Rastaman' AG Takes Twitter By Storm, Kenyans Reacts

Raymondcheruiyotkirui 06/29/2020

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Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir courtesy Twitter

Vibrant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir has excited netizens after posting a photo of the new Malawi attorney general Dr. Chikosa Silungwe who was appointed barely a day after Dr. Lazarus Chakwera won presidential Election following a court ordered election re-run.

In the the photo the AG is seen with shaggy hair, dreadlocks with dark eye glasses making him look like a 'Rastaman' ready to sing reggae songs.

"Dr. Chikosa Silungwe, PhD, the new Attorney General of Malawi... We can now all sing:Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rasta.There was a Buffalo Soldier In the heart of “Africa”...........Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival," the lawyer captioned the photo of the AG.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Netizens quickly took to their Twitter handles to react to the photo, some claiming such can never happen in Kenya. Other netizens complimented the AG's look saying he looked fine.

Here are some of the reactions;

"I think no standard set for official hair cut,just like no where it said chapati most be round, everyone should be free to express him/herself,"

"Mmmh is this a mockery or praise?? It sounds more of a mockery unfortunately."

"He looks like a really smart guy."

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Malawi's AG courtesy Twitter

"About time lawyers did away with the colonial wig."

"He doesn't look like a swot.. let alone a PHD. No thick black rimmed spectacles, piercing eyes or sombre mood.. .. ". Reminds me of the time our former CJ's earring became a major disruption in the judiciary (and country) Some equated it to witchcraft. .."

"Haile Selassie Jah Rastafari wolan shantadad!"

"@ledamalekina should come see his long time campus buddy."

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Top Comments
GUEST_9q5XYl6LK · 06/30/2020
one top lawyer here in SA just like that. A very brilliant lawyer.
ChachaMwita_06 · 06/30/2020
the hair does not go deep to his brain.. I know clean shaven crooks in form of lawyers where I come from
+sixbobo · 06/30/2020
RASTA: Righteous African Stands Tall Alive
+260-96980**** · 06/29/2020
wonderful! ours will be john sangwa after all

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