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Opinion: Why Campus Relationships Are Scam

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Most college and university students are in relationships. These relationships are established around the learning institutions and have little to do during long holiday. 

Today I am going to show you how dating in campus is a mess and why youths should avoid being in relationships while schooling. There is always time for everything. Schooling should not be mixed with emotions.

Most of the young couples do not have clear knowledge of whom they are dating. They will fall in love at the guys hey pumped into at the school library and think that they have found the better halves. They do not know deeply the background of their lovers. It is not a surprise to find a male student who does not even know the names her lover’s parents. 

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As young and energetic couples with unlimited freedom, campus students who are dating engage in sex. But not all. They will make love without knowing the health status of the partner. Mentioning a visit to the school VCT would be like calling the relationship to an end. Knowing the health status is important to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

Dating and studying require attention and energy. This means that when you are dating you have to let education go. And that should not be the case as to why we go to school. At school students are required to focus on achieving their dreams by studying.

Distance dating has always been a problem to many couples. Let us take this current situation as an example. Schools are closed and there is minimum inter-county movement. Couples are two different worlds apart. Are their relationships working? No. Phone calls and video calls are just there to hide what is taking place behind the scenes.

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Dating in campus is just a waste of time, and some time resources. Students should avoid dating at all costs and concentrate on studying. Leave a comment, share and subscribe.

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