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Maria Series : Lorna is Beaten by Colleagues

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The episode starts with Boss William addressing the workers on the issue of rumor mongering. He tells it inform ot a story that Mzee Kipara has an affair with Sophia and as a result they have kids together.

He asked that any of them who knows whoever has been talking to declare it. Each one of them was queit and mute. He told them that they will be jail if they aren't sincere and that he, Mr William is capable of doing that since he has lawyers. All her colleagues said that Lorna has been spreading rumors about the Hausa's family. He tries to defend herself hut boss William tells her to shut up.

While they were alone, the begin to reprimand Lorna, reminding her of Gloria and how she was taken to a good school and paid fees for. They reminded her of occasions she was forgiven and allowed to stay with the family.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Dogo is seen to be very furious and as she talks to her she pinches her while others mockingly slap her. Ben wants to really fight her because of Kanini's witchcraft she put on him. He expressed with a lot of bitterness how, in the name of love and wanting to win him. Everyone of them reminds her of moments she was warned against rumors but couldn't listen to anyone. She feels like crying but her colleagues are tough on her as part of discipline.

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