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(Cctv Video) Disturbing Scene After Thugs Rob A Shop At Gun point In Umoja, Nairobi

Djrhymez 06/28/2020

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In umoja a couple in a shop and a customer experienced a tale to tell first hand after two thugs armed to the teeth with a pistol stormed their shop in the evening and stole a huge amount of cash.

The whole odeal was recorded by the shops Cctvs. In the video that has left many kenyans questioning the state of security in kenya after Barely a day ago a man in kilimani was also robbed in broad day light at gun point.

In the footage the two criminals are extremely patient as they wait for a customer to be attended to. After he leaves one of the thugs closes the door behind him and draws a pistol.

According to the video the two thugs are extremely well organized and it was very clear this was not the first time they were doing this. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

After the thug draws the pistol and cocks it ready to shoot, one of the man who was standing by the counter is ordered to lay down as he is manhandled into half door that accesses the main shop with a kick.

With a kick to the head the man did not react or even hesitate, by then already one of the robbers had gone in and was getting ready to stash all the cash from the drawers into a bag that was already in hand.

The thug with the gun also pointing it to their heads robbed all their phones, that is the couple who were in the counter and a customer who was bundled inside by the thugs. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The two thugs took their time opening a drawer after the other loading all the cash into a bag, even with one drawer locked the duo broken it open with ease and carried everything from it too.

The two then dashed out after the five horrifying minutes, on thier way out they each carried a bottle of whisky from the alcohol selling shop.

The shop owner though shaken went to the near by Umoja police station and reported the whole odeal, with assistance from the Ocpd Julius Muguai they managed to recover the cctv footages, the ocpd promised to bring this culprits to book. Muguai also urged members of the public with information of their where abouts to communicate to the nearest police station. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Here is the video


(Source Nairobi crime)

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Top Comments
HessyD · 06/28/2020
I know kuna watu wanawajua may be this are the same goons from kilimani, kama mnawajua report immediately this thugs are armed and dangerous and they should be six feet under
Shanzeebetsy · 06/28/2020

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