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Girl-child under siege in Busia county


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County government office ,busia(photo)

For many years the rights of girl-child have been fought for,though fruits are visible in some areas in the country ,but some have a milestone to achieve.Busia county is one of the regions in Kenya possing danger to the growth and development of children of female gender.Occassioned by numerous child abuse cases ,ranging from rape,child negligence and education just to mention a few.

Although human rights organization like REEP spearheaded by ,Mary Makokha have tried to fight these vices ,still much needs to be done.Children from this county are under danger of earlier marriages,a culture still abhorred by certain communities in the county. They believe in replacement of wife in case of death by a younger sister despite the age.The practice sees primary school going children forced into marriages by older men in the society.

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REEP founder ,Mary Makokha (photo)

Cases of defilement reported ends in family negotiations for fear of embarrassment.A girl when defiled by her relative or one of villagers,the two families will sort to conclude the case in-house without minding dangers such child is exposed to and effects of the hyenas act.As the child ends up terminating her education because of stigma and low self-esteem.

Indeed society that breeds educated girl children stands a chance of kicking out poverty.If residents of busia county have to end poverty ,then they have to protect rights of girl-child as advocated by Mama Mary Makokha of REEP.

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