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‘Raila is Progressing Really Well,’ Joho Discloses

Wamalwaemmanuel 06/26/2020

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Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga`s health condition has been surrounded by different speculations in the country.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho took to public to explain the how the former prime minister was fairing on.

According to earlier reports, the political figure in the country (Mr. Odinga) made his visit to Dubai after undergoing a back surgery.

On Wednesday, Oburu Odinga who is the current family spokesperson, appeared to public to dismiss contrary information being spread via social media about the health of Mr. Odinga.

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On Friday, June 26, 2020 Joho disclosed that he had spoken to Mr. Odinga and the latter informed him that he was doing well.

“This morning I had the opportunity to speak to my party leader and my father the baba of the nation. I feel happy and encouraged that he is progressing really well,”Joho posted.

Joho who is also the deputy party leader of ODM, noted in his sentiments that he was praying for both Mr. Odinga and his family.

“…For us a people more importantly ODM fraternity, we continue to pray for our baba, we continue to pray for our leader and I have no doubt that he will be back in the country,” he stated.

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The political icon, asked Kenyans to stand with Mr. Odinga noting that he was also a person like any other despite leadership.

“He has undergone a procedure, let us not forget even our leaders are human beings, sometimes they have to be tested, sometimes to get sick and be treated sometimes they have to deal with issues that every human being goes through,” he said.

Joho finally concluded by informing Kenyans that Mr. Odinga was going to be in the country soon to unity Kenyans as he has done before.

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