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Kenyans React to the News of Raila Odinga Being Flown to Dubai for Specialized Treatment

FaithWaitiki 06/25/2020

Two days ago, former State House employee Dennis Itumbi faced the wrath of a few Kenyans of Twitter after he leaked information claiming that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had been flown to Dubai for treatment. 

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“1. He flew to Abu Dhabi aboard a chartered flight. 5YPAA - Cessna 680

2. The flight took off from Wilson.

3. The Manifest,  shows he was accompanied by the daughter, A renowned Neurosurgeon, a Personal Assistant and a bodyguard. A #SystemYaFacts Thread. 

4. He arrived at Wilson in a small car as a camouflage of his exit.

5. The recent Covid test that was highly publicized was to enable the travel. The results are attached to the manifest. Covid Results of all aboard are also attached.

6. The flight costs, because he is a National Leader, were paid by you and me.

7. He is currently in Abu Dhabi. Why? Abu Dhabi has announced that starting tomorrow it will open up the airspace for international departures and arrivals. Secondly, Raila Odinga, on his Facebook page, told the Country he was in DRC, an outright Lie. I rest.#SotePamoja” He tweeted in a series of tweets. 

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KOT were quick to attack Itumbi calling him names and claiming that he was out to tarnish Raila’s name led by Senator Ledama Olikina of Narok County. 

Ledama asked Itumbi to stop spreading false information as Raila was well and attending his official duties. 

Early Thursday morning and the front page of one of Kenyas publishing newspapers Daily Nation made its way to Twitter confirming the fact that what Itumbi was saying was indeed true. 

Going by the page, Raila is apparently admitted at a German hospital in the United Arab ls Emirates for a minor operation on the back as revealed by his brother Dr. Oburu Odinga. 

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Speculation started early this week when people noticed that Raila was a bit quiet which was unusual of him. 

For anyone to travel in and out of the country, a COVID 19 certificate of clearance is needed and the trip to Dubai placed all the pieces of the puzzle together as to why Raila went for the testing. 

KOT were definitely not left behind in giving their pieces of mind on this matter, it is not yet clear when he will be coming back home. 

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@Davillejohn “Funny how it's written "minor back surgery" bt it's in DUBAI! Yaani he even travelled at a time when it's not advised to do so esp out of your own country. If this isn't enough evidence that our Health Care System needs improvement then I dunno what is.”

@millanouma “Raila Odinga undergoing back surgery in Dubai, this explains why he had to take the COVID-19 clearance certificate.”

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@steveshakur “Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is in Dubai. The operation is minor, which could have been done in Kenya but ooh, the government don't fund the local healthcare that well.”

@TheServicePartyofKenya “The trip and medical bill is paid for by the Taxpayer despite the fact that Raila Odinga hold no office in Kenya. This is misappropriation of public funds of the highest order. As PM he should have build a hospital in Nyanza that would benefit his people and himself. #JKLive”

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@o_abuga “Just as I said on Monday, H. E Raila Odinga is having a minor surgery. It's not a big deal. Those without ill motives would obviously wish him quick recovery. Some conspiracy theorists will always want it to look big as if they've never fallen sick. Get well soon Jakom. #JKLive”

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