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Dealing with the spirit of child rejection

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Dealing with the spirit of child rejection

It is a tradition in many communities that when a baby is born, family members, friends and the community at large visit the family and bring gifts for the newborn. They also take the time to congratulate the mother.

Nevertheless, most of us don’t have the capability to determine whether or not the mother is happy with the child. We might not even notice that she ( mother) is depressed and that she’s only wearing a fake smile.

As time goes by, the baby grows and is able to express themselves by for example crying, twisting themselves up among other things. In toddler stage the baby is crawling around and maybe walking around the house. Here the child will also make a lot of mistakes due to his/her little understanding. 

At this stage, it’ where the mother is upset by everything the child does. This leads to most babies being beaten up for invalid reasons. The baby may also be forced to stay in bed crying hungry for a very long time because the mother is refusing to feed the baby while she is comfortably seated doing nothing about it. This is isolating and rejecting this baby.

However, SOME of the mother’s do not do this consciously. One might be suffering from post-partum depression a medical condition some women develop after giving birth while some might be driven by other reasons.

Incase you are struggling with this state of feeling that you are rejecting the baby or dislike everything about them, here are some of the actions I would like you to take. 

Visit a counselor/doctor. Here, you will be able to discuss whatever might be the cause of child rejection and get advised accordingly. The good part of it is that he/she Will also be able to evaluate whether you might be suffering from post-partum depression so that you can get the treatment required as early as possible.

Incase you know of anyone who passed through the same and made it through positively, talk to them. They are good influence.

Forget the circumstance that led to your pregnancy if it’s a bad one. Some mother’s reject, hate and despise their babies because of events that led to their pregnancy. Some of them being rape, drug influence and teenage pregnancy. Try to forgive yourself and forget so as to move on. In cases where justice is required like in rape, go for it! Remember the child is innocent in all this and needs your total support, care and love.

Pray. It is said that prayers can move mountains. Pray to your God to give you the strength you need to bring up that child. Pray to get love for the child. Denounce that bad spirit. Reject the spirit of rejection and reclaim acceptance.

Congratulate the baby in every new step. Be there for him/her when he needs support in exploring new discoveries. Encourage them to do more. Show him/her that they’re doing great. Play with them! This will help create a bond between you two.

Take one day at a time. It’s a process. Put effort little by little and it shall be well. Good luck in your new journey for a healthy bond for you and your baby. You are a parent for a lifetime!

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