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Each day is sufficient unto itself

Mirushi 1d

Dear God, these are anxious times. Tonight, for the first time, I lay in the dark with burning eyes as scenes of human suffering passed before me. I shall promise you one thing, God, just one very small thing; I shall never pardon my today with cares about my tomorrow. Each day is sufficient unto itself. I shall try to help you, God, to stop my strength ebbing away..

Don't let me waste even one atom of my strength on petty material cares. Let me use and spend every minute and turn this into a fruitful day, one stone more in the foundation on which to build our so uncertain future.

God our Father, all we see and we don't see exist because of the power that you poses.

From christ we receive the word of life and truth, his own life, the breath of love which will allow us to love each day faithfully and hence success in life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Wisdomnews · 07/8/2020
Mirushi · 06/25/2020
very much true for the day grace is God given

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