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Cliff Ombeta Finds Himself At Crossroads With Kenyans After His Controversial Excuse To Save Waluke

Sperrottie 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Sirisia member of Parliament John Walukhe was found guilty of fraud in a Ksh 300 million maize scandal. This is after a Magistrate of the Anti Corruption Court found him guilty with his counterpart Grace Wakhungu having received a total of Ksh 300 million from the National Cereals and Produce Board NCPB.

Today on Thursday during the hearing of their sentence in court, Kenyans were angered by the popular city lawyer Cliff Ombeta who was representing John Walukhe after he asked his client to be released because he is a Member of Parliament and wants to protect his reputation. 

Cliff Ombeta said, "Cliff Ombeta: He (John Waluke) still has some dignity to maintain as a result of being an MP. He has not been arrested for any offense, he is clean until this incidence. Because of what he has done for this society, for being in the army, please consider him." View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Many Kenyans accused him of protecting a corrupt person even after being found guilty of corruption. They viewed this as a backward step in fighting graft even though his work as a lawyer is to represent and fight for his client.

Here are some of the reactions from the Majority of Kenyans.

Wayne: This means poor Kenyans rotting in jails have no dignity to maintain? Good to hear.

@Ole Memusi: I thot having served in the military would have instilled in him that highest discipline that can be imagined??

He is a disgrace to the army, the parliament n the people who elected him. @OmbetaC let's call a spade a spade no need of shenanigans when matters corruption arise!!

@Kisii County Hot Seat: Being an MP means the threshold of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya must be upheld absolutely. By being found guilty, he has nothing left to represent his people. 

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Top Comments
GUEST_bOM1DaaxN · 06/25/2020
sham...ombete...how can u say in favor of this unscrupulous M.P and worse an ex army man...where were the ethics while stealing...hugo angefungwa life time
BensonMushila · 06/25/2020
one who steal kuku has no dignity but one who steal 313m still has dignity?!! seriously?!! tuhame hii Kenya tuwawajie
GeorgeAtancha · 06/25/2020
as much as Ombeta is steady doing his usual business, the government should on their side do their business well too to exhibit seriousness in the fight against graft. Otherwise, the law and order shall loose the meaning.
kipsruts · 06/25/2020
Ombetta you only value what your cliy will pay you. Who will pay the tax papers the lost millions. Let Justice takes it course. The law should be seen applied equally to every citizen.

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