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Ann Waiguru Final Verdict

mwasss 06/26/2020

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The committee that was chosen by the Senate to listen to the issues raised against An Waiguru has the final judgement and will determine if she will remain in office or not.

The MCAs confirmed that she is not supposed to be in office and passed their impeachment motion which lead to the hearing of her case by the Senate.

Today is the day that everyone is waiting to know what will be her fate. Will the Senate save her or will she be removed from the office. We want to see if she will following the route that Waititu followed or not.

But we need to see justice, regardless of being a woman. Gender does not guarantee someone to abuse the office and mismanage the public funds.

Everyone is under the law and the fight against corruption must be strengthened and should not favour anyone.

We are waiting to seewhat will happen if the senate decides to sustain her in office if at all she cannot work with her county MCAs , how will she manage to provide service in the county without the support from them.

How will the people in her county behave since we had witnessed them demonstrating that they wanted her case to be listened by whole house of senate for them to have justice since they could not trust the committee to provide justice.

Will the people accept the ruling and if not what will be the next action since the senate has final fulling for her to leave or remain in office.

Just time will tell, justice must prevaile

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