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Kagwe shoot Kenyans on foot.

DAVIESOUMA 06/26/2020

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Since Corona virus was reported in Kenya ,there has been decline in economy.This is due to the lockdown imposed in some counties and curfews that are put in place ,to curb its spread.More so,the ban of public gatherings and public freedom of intetgration.All this with aim of putting the virus under control but pinning down the common citizen economically.

As the country looks forward to the president to open the country,the cabinet secretary of health, who is the chief advisor on matters of reopening the economy,visa vee the Covid 19 infections,has hinted of advising the head of state to extend the lockdown measures.Citing increase in number of new infections in the country.Hon.Mutahi Kagwe,during virtual briefing with president yesterday advised him to extend cessation of movement and curfews in country.

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Kenyans will therefore feel the purge should the president,take kagwe's advise as most Kenyans now are jobless and businesses are not running smoothly.For many citizens feels that Corona does not kill but hunger does kill them.

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