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Ouster Of Mudavadi Nears as Registrar of Parties Makes New Directive to ANC party

DailyBriefing 06/26/2020

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Photo: ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi

The ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi is now more uncomfortable than ever as pressure to Kick him out mounts. This is after The Registrar of Political Parties ordered Amani National Congress (ANC) to provide timelines and arrange for immediate party elections. In a letter the interim Registrar of Political Parties, Anne Nderitu reportedly called on ANC party led by Hon Mudavadi to outline and p provide information “on timelines and notification” for immediate national party elections. In report shared by the Standard Digital, registrar wrote to the Party's secretary general Barrack Muluka to act immediately.

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"In light of the above, kindly avail information on timelines and notification of the ANC elections in line with Articles 18, 22 and 26 of the ANC constitution,” the registrar wrote to Secretary General Barrack Muluka.

The directive came as pressure to kick out Musalia Mudavadi as ANC's party continue to mount threatening stability the once 'amani' party. The ouster has always been perceived as move to knock him out for alleged alliance with Deputy president William Ruto. However, Mudavadi has always denied backing Ruto's presidential bid, the ANC party leader has constantly continue to meet Dp's allies and close confidants thus raising eye brows.

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Photo: Mudavadi and Dp William Ruto in an earlier event.

The move also came as more parties continue to stage internal coups to kick out their defiant leaders, latest victim being senator Moses Wetangula, Ford-Kenya's party leader who survived the coup by a whisker. This coups has threaten democracy in the country, as political analysts termed it as ill motivated and move to threaten independence of political parties.

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