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Dear men, If a Lady Starts Screaming and Crying at You Please, Here are What You Need to Understand

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Everyone knows that ladies have their own way of expressing their feeling of anger and despair. Of course not all men like it. Ladies have been known to be wronged by men but they keep it to their soul. Some men ignore and feel like the lady noticed nothing little do they know that she knew but kept quiet. They preserve this for a very long time and pile all your mistakes.

All this is always kept in store until a time when you will be caught live. Unfortunately, a lady will now wait for that day which you come home very tired. At this time, she has piled everything and she's now very angry with you. A lady starts talking a lot shouting and screaming in the house. As a real man, you always have to know how to tackle this.

When a lady starts doing this, you always have to be patient and wait for her to finish all she has planned for you. This is recommended because, if you join the tone of the argument, it may cause a lot of noise since she will shout higher. Nevertheless, if you dare beat her up, she will scream louder to call neighbors to her rescue.

Every man who wants no one to know the secret of his house has to learn how to be patient under such a situation. Also, learn to be careful with the replies you give to her questions, or else you might fall in her trap.

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