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I want people who will not fight my agenda

Dimples_bonnie 06/26/2020

It is no doubt that president wants to leave a united country as his legacy when his second term of presidency expires in 2022.

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That would be his landmark legacy going by the fact for decades the country has witnessed political divisions for decades. General elections of 2007 saw the country almost wiped from the face of the planet just because of seesawing politics. Thus, the rally to call upon the people to unite for a good course in timely and long overdue. 

The sages a house united can stand and unity is strength best describe what the Head of State wishes for a country that has been threatened to the brink of an abyss by myriads ills that has suffered right from independent. 

This is what Chinua Achebe says of UNITY in his small novel The Trouble With Nigeria ; "unity can only be as good as the purpose for which it is desired. Obviously, it is good for a group of people to unite to build a school or a hospital a nation. But supposing a group of other people get together in order rob a bank, their unity is deemed undesirable..."

What is at the heart of discussion is why the Head of State is using the much hyped handshake with former Opposition chief, the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) and the changes in Jubilee Party leadership as mechanisms of grooming some politicians for top leaderships come 2022 General elections while at the same time sidelining those perceived to be critical of his call for development agenda.

In his remaining two years to complete his second term, the Big Four Agenda and unity cannot be achieved when there is sharp division and stormy controversies from some human quarters.

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