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Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana Declares He Will be Running For President in 2022

FaithWaitiki 06/26/2020

As 2022 nears politicians are busy creating coalition governments and unions to help when it comes to the next general elections.

This coming elections which is only a few months away has got to be one of the most highly anticipated one especially by most politicians who are busy eyeing the highest seat. 

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Kivutha at work. Image courtesy

As the end to President Uhuru’s seconqd term nears, the biggest question now is, who will run for the presidential seat and who will bag the highest votes?

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has finally cleared the air on whether he shall be running for President. 

Revealing his intentions today, the governor said that he shall indeed be in the ballot box after much consulting and a push from his avid followers. 

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“I have listened to the voice of Wanjiku asking me to run for presidency in the coming election. I am available, ready and willing to be Wanjiku's President. Will go all the way to the Ballot Box with Wanjiku in 2022. We must ensure devolution works for our communities.” He Tweeted. 

Looking back over the years, Petter Kenneth who once ran for President with high hopes is among those that thought they would come into power after a section of Kenyans online pushed him.

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Many told him that they were ready to have him as their leaders but when it came to the results, it turned out that it was pure bluffs. 

Kivutha has done a lot for his county which has got people talking and pushing him to run for the seat, many have assured him of their votes come 2022 but the bigger question remains, will it be another Petter Kenneth case? Going all the way to the ballot is one thing but winning but also another thing. 

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MarthaWaithaka · 06/27/2020
go for it governor you are the only governor who has no history of corruption

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