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The Mysterious Powers Of Lady's Finger,(Okra) That Are Mind Blowing

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Okra has it is known by many also has another name, the lady's finger has high vegetable fiber that is soluble and insoluble. It curbs hunger for those who have eaten it,not only that but it also strengthen the immunity against some diseases. It helps to calm the activities of high carbs in blood.

Okra has many benefits in the body. These are the benefits of okra.

1.Okra is used to improve eyesight. They contain vitamin A which is important to the good eyesight and it also helps in preventing eyesight illnesses.

2.You want to lose some weight,okra will be a good help. It is rich in protein and fiber. You only need to cook it crunchy and eat it whole without swallowing. But never add to much oil.

3.Okra also helps to prevent diabetes for its fiber content in it.

4.The fiber in okra helps to reduce cholesterol in the body thus preventing one from getting heart problems.

5.It also helps in digestion for it fiber content hence it facilitating proper digestion in the body.

6.The vitamin k in okra helps to strengthen bones promote proper clotting of blood,reducing bleeding from cuts,fracture.

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7.If you are often feeling tired,never give up because by eating okra it will help delaying the fatigue. It may be of help to people suffering from depression.

8.To women with bad hair try using okra to treat dandruff and make the hair more healthy. Boil okra in water and squeeze some lemon and use it to rinse your hair or as a conditioner too.

9.Vitamin C content in okra helps to strengthen overall immunity and fights coughs and cold.

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