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Bongo star From Mombasa Chikuzee involved in Three accidents in one month

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Chikuzee is a bongo star musician from Mombasa. He is known by his hit songs such si vibaya kujuana. He has been in music industry for long time. Through Mambo mseto in radio citizen Chikuzee narrated how he has been experiencing horrible situations in his life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Chikuzee explained why he has been silent in music industry for while. He narrated how he faced three accidents in one month. These horrible accidents amazed and perplexed him. He said that now way God can let somebody to face such horrible situations simultaneously. Chikuzee said that some people were behind the occurrence of these accidents. This made him to take time for prayers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Chikuzee also said that one accident occurred while he was driving a vehicle of his friend. It took time for him to settle the situation. He clarified that right now he is fine. He is health and strong. He said that he is working on several projects.

Chikuzee said that he has been facing unbelievable and horrible moments in his life. Chikuzee also said he has grudge with Susumila. He blamed Susumila for rejecting with his money. He said that they have done many projects together but Susumila possessed all the money.

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