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Lawyer Reveals How Convicted MP Saved President Moi

ShemBevertonMukalo 06/25/2020

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Former Kenyan head of state President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi at a past event. [Source/ Courtesy]

In a frantic bid to convince a court of law to grant John Waluke a non-custodial sentence, renowned lawyer Danstan Omari revealed how the member of parliament saved former Kenyan head of state President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Mr Danstan Omari told the presiding judge that the member of parliament saved the then president from the 1982 coup.

"The Sirisia MP John Waluke saved the late Kenyan President Moi in the 1982 coup. When his time comes for his eulogy to be read publicly, it will be said that he saved the head of state from an impending coup in 1982, " the renowned criminal lawyer told the presiding judge.

The Sirisia member of parliament, before launching himself into the world of politics, had a career in the Kenyan military. He served in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). The 1982 attempted coup found him still in service. According to his lawyer Danstan Omari, he sided with the soldiers who fought the renegades, forestalling the coup that could have seen president Moi ousted from power.

Mr Waluke has been found guilty of a crime he is said to have committed before he joined the world of politics. Prosecutors say that his actions defrauded the government millions of shillings. He has been charged alongside another person, a female who is said to have also been part of the scheme that led to the loss of the millions.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Sirisia member of parliament John Waluke at a past event. He has been convicted in a multi-million shilling maize scam. [Source/ Courtesy]

The lawyers who represented him pleaded with the presiding judge to accord the outspoken legislator a lenient sentence. Lawyers Cliff Ombetta and Danstan Omari have argued that the member of parliament is an aged man who should not be condemned to a life behind bars. They want him given the non-custodial sentence, meaning he wouldn't have to be thrown in jail as punishment for his crimes.

It was revealed that the Sirisia member of parliament has two wives, children, grandchildren and an old mother who all depend on him. His lawyers said that condemning him to jail would be plunging his dependants into great difficulty. It would be tantamount to death, they contended.

Should the member of parliament be condemned to jail for more than 6 months, he will lose his seat. The law stipulates that any legislator who is jailed for more than 6 months loses his seat. This would mean a by-election in Sirisia will have to be held to find a replacement. This is to ensure that residents of the constituency continue to receive services from their legislator.

John Waluke is a staunch ally of the deputy president Dr William, whose presidential ambitions he has supported. The legislator has railed against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), saying that it is a scheme to reward individuals with power at the expense of the Kenyan people.

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Renowned criminal lawyer Cliff Ombetta at his office at a past event. He has been representing convicted Sirisia member of parliament John Waluke. [Source/ Courtesy]

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StephenWanyoike_03 · 06/25/2020
was saving moi was a lisence to steal
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kwaivo aachiliwe aendelee na coraption juu aliokoa moi mtaishi kwa shinda

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