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Photos of beautiful and successful kamba Ladies that will awe you.

NjambiGaitho 06/29/2020

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Kamba women are known for their hot and cute looks as well as voluptuous bodies. Apart from that some have proven to be decent, hardworking and outmost successful. Here are some photos of Kamba Celebrities and Media Personalities.

1: Betty Mutei Kyalo.

The former K24 news anchor is a mother of one, Ivana the entertainer and was married to News anchor Dennis Okari. She is the owner of Flair by betty. She also has a YouTube channel known as Betty Kyalo lately. She is also among the best paid journalists in Kenya. She used to host weekend with betty a show that made her more popular. She recently quit K24 and this was her heartfelt sign off 

“It is now time for me to say goodbye here on k24 TV if we meet, great, if not, you know how you can find me all my social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and of course my YouTube channel Betty Kyalo Lately is going to be popping and we are going to be doing great things there. Thanks so much for all the support I appreciate. God bless you and I love you, goodnight.”

 She is well known for her cute smile and curvaceous body.

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2: Kamene Goro.

Mitchell Kamene Goro is a 28yr old media personality who does both Radio and TV. She worked for Ebru TV then moved to Radio. The NRG breakfast show has made her more famous. 

Kamene has an amazing voice which suits her beautiful body and bold personality.

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3: Celestine Ndinda (wakavinye)

Wakavinye is the wife to the famous comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush. She is marketer, influencer and business partner of her husband. Celestine is a mom to one Tugi Kimani. She has featured her husband in almost all his YouTube videos. The actually have YouTube channel together known as The Njugunas. Celestine is only 25Yrs old and she is well known for how she supported her husband who was her collage lover and broke. 

 Celestine is just as funny as her husband and has a unique laughter.

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4: Linet Munyali Muraya. (Size 8)

Size 8 is a whole package of amazing things. She is a Gospel artist, song writer, actress, TV show host among being a mom and a wife. She is married to Samuel Muraya (DJ mo), and has two kids Ladasha Belle Wambui Muraya and Muraya Jnr. Size 8 was initially secular artist but later on got born again and joined the gospel artists. Her hit songs include Mateke, Afadhali Yesu among many other. She was formally hosting the gospel show Pambio Live together with DJ Ruff on Maisha Magic East. She is currently one of the hosts of minji minji on Rembo TV. She considers herself a living testimony after going through so many hard moments. She reminiscences losing her mom while she was in hospital fighting for her life and that of Ladasha Belle’s. She is currently celebrating 7 years of salvation. Size 8 and DJ Mo have a reality show on NTV known as Dining with the Murayas.

Size 8 has is a beautiful and curvy motivational speaker.

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5: Kambua.

Kambua is an award winning Gospel artist. Her hit songs include Anatimiza , Bado Nasimama among others. She is the wife to Pastor Jackson Mathu and a mom to Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu. Kambua is a former Rauka Show Host at Citizen TV. She was on the limelight once again when she announced publicly that she had been married for six years but had not been privileged with a child. She calls her son Nate a miracle baby. 

Kambua has a charming smile and a beautiful soul which compliments her beautiful face.

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