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DJ Evolve Finally Speaks, His Condition Provokes Many Kenyans to Blast Babu Owino (Video)

BonfaceMutaha 06/29/2020

Celebrated Kenyan DJ Felix Orinda popularly known as Dj Evolve has finally broken his silence and spoke about his condition. Dj Evolve was discharged on 18th June after being hospitalized in the Nairobi hospital for six months following a scuffle at a renowned Nairobi club which led to Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino shooting him in the neck. He underwent several surgeries and has spend several months in the intensive care unit.

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Dj Evolve was discharged to continue with treatment at home after showing some marked improvement. However, he is still in a bad shape as he can barely move his extremities and even his speech was severely compromised.

On Monday June 29th, NTV interviewed Dj Evolve at his home where he narrated how his world has changed ever since the shooting and months of hospitalization. He revealed that he has spent months without sleeping but he has currently started getting some sleep. Dj Evolve further said that the incidence that led to his shooting still plays in his mind each and every day. He is not sure if he will one day fully recover but he wishes to get well and return to his work as a Dj.

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“Am currently doing better as opposed to how I was the first time. I was completely traumatized at first but I am learning to live with it. At least nowadays I can be able to sleep but initially I could not sleep at all. I kept having flashbacks of that fateful day. I need medication so that I can be able to sleep. Right now I can move my hands and legs a little bit,” said DJ Evolve in part during the interview.

Speaking during the same interview, Dj evolve’s mother stated that she abandoned her job 6 months ago to take care of her son. They are currently relying on well wishers for their daily upkeep since Dj Evolve is bedridden and his mother stays and takes care of him. She also revealed that Babu Owino was able to pay the 7 million hospital bill as ordered by the court.

“Since the day of the incident, I quit my job to take care of my son. We have just been depending on well wishers for survival. Babu Owino paid the 7 million shillings bill as ordered by the courts. I did not ask for my son to be discharged as reported by several media houses. I am not a doctor and I do not know how someone could fake something like that,” said Dj Evolve’s mother during the interview.

This has elicited mixed reactions from Netizens with majority condemning Babu Owino and the judiciary. Here are some of the replies on twitter.

Benjamin wangila

Why is Babu walking free?? He was smoking sheesha which was banned. This country sucks.

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Dickens (D.O)

It really feels so painful to the mother. @babuowino GOD is watching. One day you will pay the price.

Genie Haiko

Not supporting what Babu did, he should be behind bars but NTV should have informed us on why the shooting occurred. One sided story. Very sad.

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Sam Musungu

If @HEBabuOwino is not charged for the crime then the Judiciary should be disbanded and everyone should go home.


This is so sad. It was very disturbing to watch. It’s funny how the person who did this to him is still walking free and holds a Job as a member of parliament.

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God heal Dj Evolve. It’s painful to watch this while the murderer, @HEBabuOwino walks free.

Bonface Idi

I’m utterly disgusted by the justice system in this country Evolve will get through this it’s even harder for the Mum yaaaani.

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Said Ali Rambo

One day the same system that protects babu will use this against him to end his political career completely. Si mbali, tunayaona!

Ndutura Bird Jnr

Screw heavens justice. We wanna hear babu has been picking soap from jail bathrooms. He deserves all the defilement that will come his way once he is locked up.

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Edu Ebs

@dkmaraga @ODPP_KE @DCI_Kenya, how is babu owino is still working free? Do you people have a conscience?

Click the link below to watch Dj Evolve's interview video.


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Top Comments
+254-072142**** · 06/30/2020
Kenyans, you only get the leaders you ask for! Shame on whoever messed the young man's life!
JaberNyowila · 06/30/2020
Babu alikuja tu na kushoot huyu jamaa? Tuangalie chanzo ya hii maneno before tu judge. Pengine huyu jamaa anakulatu chenye aliitisha.
JohnsonOlang · 06/30/2020
I agree with Alai sentiment babu is not mad to shoot somebody without a reason better look both sides
+254-708190****39 · 06/30/2020
i think those who are asking DPP and DCI to do their wish should apply for the job becoz they seem to be much conversant with the law than those two gentlemen. let them do their job. they are much qualified for that.

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