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DJ Evolve's Current Condition Heart Breaks Kenyans as he Appears on a Live TV Interview

Laureen_aseka 06/29/2020

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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino shot DJ Evolve, at close range in a club at Kilimani. The bullet went through his neck, touching his spine on exit, leaving him paralyzed.

Felix Orinda (DJ Evolve), is numb from his mid-torso down. He is receiving treatment at home as he clutches onto hope that things will turn around and he'll return to the DJ decks.

DJ Evolve appeared on NTV for an interview for the first time since the incident happened and he couldn't project his words well due to the effects of the bullet. He said he is hoping Justice will be served by the courts.

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Netizens felt heart broken with the situation the DJ was in, this are some of their remarks:

Victor Monchere: Its disappointing to see the condition DJ Evolve is in. He can't move, walk or speak well, he has gone numb because a rogue politician, Babu Owino. His whole career in ruins. This is so heartbreaking and justice should not just be served, but seen to be done.

Fridah Kendi: It is really heartbreaking to see how DJ Evolve's condition is. Babu Owino should really be ashamed of himself. Thanks to MP Babu Owino, you can hardly hear what he's saying with a pipe down his throat. The legislator deserves to rot in jail. We can't have a just and equal society when there are clearly two sets of laws. Thank you for airing his story

Im masha; Am lack of words After watching, Can you imagine the pain his mother is going through, knowing the responsible individual is free... If the law can work then God's judgment will not be evaded.

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Muchiri Kibicho; Dj Evolve is in bad state. I've watched it and shed a tear. It's painful. I feel the pain in his mother's pain . The cry of cry for a poor woman will never go unpunished. One day God will do his judgment.

Samsteiger: DJ Evolve's condition is so heartbreaking and to worsen the matter,the person who shot him is walking freely claiming to be people's leader. Irony at it's highest level

Vnderu: My heart & prayers go out to Dj Evolve and his family. It’s sooo painful, watching that video!! I pray and beleive he will get the justice that he deserves and most importantly a quick recovery.

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Top Comments
AbuNasra · 06/29/2020
Though i never go to clubs or even witnessed what DJs do,the plight,health condition and very existence of the future of this young innocent boy that has been shattered trigger happy drunken and rogue MP, am appealing and kindly beseeching the generous and golden hearted Kenyans to do a fund raise to raise funds to help the boy to access best treatment and ultra modern facilities that is available only in developed countries in mostly Europe( Huddinge hospital in sweden is among the best in world on spinal and neck injuries). Tuko Pamoja Wakenya?HARRAMBEEEE !!
KoskeySatiaLinos · 06/29/2020
the effects of poor governance..I feel so lowly and helpless..may God intervine
+254-72281**** · 06/29/2020
as long as Babu owino is on the right political devide, justice will never be served. he shot the DJ n was there were witnesses him being at centre stage, he took the DJ to hospital. kenyas Judicial system is just rotten
Fools will vote for this murderer, at timbim tialala the sound of gun's bullets

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