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See how an ATM machine works

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Many of you have used the banks ATM to withdraw there cash for there purpose uses, did you know the logic behind on how an ATM machine works so as to give an output which is cash required by the user. ATM machines are not easily hacked or tampered with because of the security the machines are given. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

ATM is a computerized system where one can deposit money in the bank and if he or she is interested on the withdrawal of the money he or she walks into the ATM either to check the account balance and either to withdraw the money .

How does an ATM machine works

ATM computers are connected to the complex interbank networks, this allows the customers from many different branch to access their accounts at different places in the country . LINK and CIRUS are among these interbank networks. The ATM relays from the authorization financial institution . To cover the cost of the operation most of the ATMS charge the operation fee .

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